Welcome to Holy Cross Academy

Welcome to Holy Cross Academy and St. Mary Preschool. We are a Catholic elementary school of the Diocese of Arlington, serving St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our school is under the direction of the Oblate Sisters of Saint Francis de Sales and is staffed by an exceptional faculty of religious and lay teachers, as well as dedicated support staff.

As you get to know us, you will see that we are pledged to:

Creating a faith community based on the Gospel of Jesus;

Working with you to educate your children and to guide them as they attain their fullest potential;

Achieving academic and personal excellence at every level;

Maintaining a well-rounded curriculum to meet each child’s needs, and

Serving the wider community in imitation of Christ, our Lord.
“It is love that gives value to all our labors; it is not by the greatness or the multiplicity of our works that we please God but by the love with which we do them.” ~ Saint Francis de Sales

Sr. Susan Louise Eder, OSFS Principal

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Wednesday, September 17
4pm - Girls Field Hockey, away game
4pm - Boys Soccer, home game
5pm - Girls Varsity Volleyball only, home game

Thursday, September 18
8:15am - School Mass
Food for the Poor collection
4:30pm - Boys soccer, away game
4:30pm - Girls Field Hockey, home game

Saturday, September 20
St. Mary Parish Life Weekend

Sunday, September 21
Chocolate Buy-Out ends
St. Mary Parish Life Weekend

Monday, September 22
4pm - Boys Soccer, home game

Wednesday, September 24
4pm - Boys Soccer, away game

Thursday, September 25
11:30am - EARLY DISMISSAL, 'A' schedule
8:15am - School Mass
Food for the Poor collection

Friday, September 26
Fisrt Grade Field Trip tp the State Fair

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